The Cost of Hope

Once again, I realize that half a semester has gone by since I last wrote on here. As I mentioned in my last post, this last semester hasn’t exactly been easy. In fact, as I reflect on the past few months, I feel they could aptly be remembered as “The One Where Peggy’s Body Quits... Continue Reading →


Building My Life

It’s been a while since I have written, and really the reason I am sitting down right now to write is because of the encouragement of a mentor to do the things I love even when it feels hard. It’s hard to write about a hard time in the middle of one, but here we... Continue Reading →

Finding Purpose in My Privilege

Last semester, I was at a chapel where the speaker was discussing the idea of finding purpose in our privilege. I had been thinking about this idea for some time, and then this semester, several of my classes are focused on contemplating privilege- thus causing me to continue thinking about this subject…so here we go,... Continue Reading →

Why Should Food Matter to Christians?

This summer has held a lot of growth for me, and one thing I have been intentionally studying is the theology behind food. I read a book this summer called A Meal with Jesus (thanks for the recommendation, Arden!!), and it really challenged me to think about the theological implications of my view of and... Continue Reading →


For as long as I can remember, I have viewed weakness as something to be overcome in my life. After being in ballet for 18 years, the idea has been engrained in my head that weakness is something to be pushed through and overcome. As a person, I have never been good at listening to... Continue Reading →

The Art of Shrinking, Part 1

This semester I took my first poetry writing class, and I started writing poetry for the first time. I actually found that I really enjoyed it, and it has been a really cool experience for me of learning how to talk about my experiences in a way that allows me to distance myself from them... Continue Reading →

Hey, Twenty

Hey, twenty. Tonight is my last night in this year of my life, and this whole birthday thing has had me reflecting on the past year. WOW, what a year. At this time last year, I was dying. Physically, mentally, spiritually- it’s hard remembering all those things right now. I didn’t have hope. I couldn’t... Continue Reading →

He’s in the Waiting

The first time I heard the song “Take Courage” was when I was at Selah at the beginning of my recovery journey, and throughout this latest season of my life, the words “He’s in the waiting” have really encouraged me. Lately, I have found myself uncomfortable as I wait on a lot of things. I... Continue Reading →

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