The Art of Shrinking, Part 1

This semester I took my first poetry writing class, and I started writing poetry for the first time. I actually found that I really enjoyed it, and it has been a really cool experience for me of learning how to talk about my experiences in a way that allows me to distance myself from them... Continue Reading →


Hey, Twenty

Hey, twenty. Tonight is my last night in this year of my life, and this whole birthday thing has had me reflecting on the past year. WOW, what a year. At this time last year, I was dying. Physically, mentally, spiritually- it’s hard remembering all those things right now. I didn’t have hope. I couldn’t... Continue Reading →

He’s in the Waiting

The first time I heard the song “Take Courage” was when I was at Selah at the beginning of my recovery journey, and throughout this latest season of my life, the words “He’s in the waiting” have really encouraged me. Lately, I have found myself uncomfortable as I wait on a lot of things. I... Continue Reading →

Set Free for Freedom

There really was not a certain day that my eating disorder started. For a lot of my life, I had struggled with mental illness, and my eating disorder slowly came to be in my life. The first time I remember disliking my body was around the age of 6, and the first time I remember... Continue Reading →

A God of “With-ness”

Growing up, I sang the song “Jesus Loves Me” and learned that God loved me and sent His Son to save me. I’ve understood some level of God’s love, but this week, on my therapist’s couch on a January Monday morning, I had the most beautiful glimpse of the depth of God’s love. As I... Continue Reading →

Redefining Beauty

Recently, I was looking through my stuff from Selah House. I found this poem that I wrote for a body image group assignment in which we were assigned to redefine our definition of beauty. It's not a literary masterpiece by any means (disclaimer: I am just now taking a poetry writing class), but I wanted... Continue Reading →

My Hopes for 2018

For the past nine years, my new year’s resolutions have always involved losing weight, dieting, or increasing my exercise routine. This year, I’m not making any resolutions about this, and it’s a recovery victory for me. Honestly, I’m not really making an resolutions this year. For me, a recovering perfectionist, new year’s resolutions really just... Continue Reading →

Reflections on 2017

During my time being home over Christmas break, I have taken some time to reflect on this past year. I have been reading over my journal from last spring, and through doing this I truly realized how much change- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually- this year has held for me. Early in 2017, my days... Continue Reading →

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